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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


As we celebrate our 17th year this weekend, we continue to be amazed at what a small group of dedicated people in the US and Bolivia can accomplish! Here are just a few of our acheivements since we started in 1994:

  • 120,272 - volunteer hours in the US since 1994
  • 2,180,061 - pounds of surplus medical supplies shipped to Bolivia
  • $10.1 million - value of this surplus
  • 123 - number of clinics built in Bolivia. 115 of these clinics are financially independent and do not rely on any funding from Mano a Mano. (All clinics receive continuing health education and medical supplies on an ongoing basis.)
  • 14,065 deliveries with 0 maternal deaths and 0.5% infant mortality rate (average infant mortality rate in rural Bolivia is 8%)
  • Schools, teacher housing, and community sanitation projects in 42 communities
  • Built 3 large water reservoirs and 153 atajados (small water ponds)
  • Constructed or improved over 1,400 kilometers of roads
  • 962 emergency flights

Thanks to everyone that has been a part of Mano a Mano!

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