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Thursday, September 22, 2011

We have a new plane!

This week, after a long search, Mano a Mano has purchased a twin-engine airplane for our aviation program in Bolivia. This is a huge step forward for us and will greatly enhance our capabilities.

Mano a Mano's new plane!

To this point, Mano a Mano has flown two Cessna 206 planes for our emergency air rescue, jornada, and commercial flights. Both of these planes are single-engine planes, and while they will continue to be utilized in our program, having a twin-engine plane has numerous benefits. First, a twin-engine plane is safer. Because of the improved safety, we are now able to provide flights to organizations and businesses whose insurance plans only permit them to fly in twin-engine planes, which will provide a new source of revenue. Second, a twin-engine plane can fly further and faster, increasing our range to include other countries that border Bolivia and also decrease travel time on all flights. Third, the new plane is much larger, with 10 seats. Not only does this provide more passenger space, it also allows us to have more comfortable transport for passengers on emergency flights; we can now transport patients on a gurney rather than force them into a regular seat.

We are very excited to what this new plane will mean for all of Mano a Mano. Our aviation program is an integral part of our whole program: Bolivian medical professionals use the Mano a Mano plane to get to weekend health clinics in distant rural areas, shortening travel time to allow more time with patients; heavy equipment operators will now be able to purchase new parts and have them flown to construction sites in a matter of hours rather than days by car; and travelers to Bolivia will have a safer and more convenient mode of transport to see more of Bolivia.

We especially want to thank the donors and foundations who dedicated their time and resources to make this dream of ours become a reality!

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